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Preaching Academy - October 16-17 in Columbia

posted on August 12

Feel like you are in a preaching rut? Need a fresh approach to reinvigorate your preaching voice or need to reclaim the basics? Are you hoping to reach new people or step out of your technology comfort zone? We hope that you will join us for the preaching retreat on October 16-17 in Columbia, Missouri.

The academy will give you the opportunity to brush up on your preaching basics, and to learn new techniques to reach new people. You will also have an opportunity to meet in peer learning groups, and process the joys and challenges of preaching. Additionally, we will be providing you with resources to help with your sermon preparation, including the ability to work with a small group to plan an upcoming sermon series.

Our hope is that you will leave the academy refreshed and renewed in your preaching, with new ideas and tangible plans for upcoming sermons.

Please note: We will have meals on site, however, if you desire snacks throughout your stay, it is best to bring them with you, including beverages. Dress in layers, and bring a Bible with you.


Jenny Gragg

Missouri Annual Conference Office
3601 Amron Court

Columbia, MO 65202