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Preaching Academy

Preaching Academy
Wednesday, October 16, 2019 to Thursday, October 17, 2019

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Missouri Annual Conference Office
3601 Amron Court
Columbia, MO 65201

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Jenny Gragg

Feel like you are in a preaching rut? Need a fresh approach to reinvigorate your preaching voice or need to reclaim the basics? Are you hoping to reach new people or step out of your technology comfort zone? We hope that you will join us for the preaching retreat on October 16-17 in Columbia, Missouri.

The academy will give you the opportunity to brush up on your preaching basics, and to learn new techniques to reach new people. You will also have an opportunity to meet in peer learning groups, and process the joys and challenges of preaching. Additionally, we will be providing you with resources to help with your sermon preparation, including the ability to work with a small group to plan an upcoming sermon series.

Our hope is that you will leave the academy refreshed and renewed in your preaching, with new ideas and tangible plans for upcoming sermons.
Please note: We will have meals on site, however, if you desire snacks throughout your stay, it is best to bring them with you, including beverages. Dress in layers, and bring a Bible with you.


Jerry Herships

Jerry Herships is the founder of AfterHours Denver, a thriving faith community that meets in bars and pubs. Originally a comedian and bartender, Herships was drawn into ministry after realizing that the connections and conversations he was having with his customers at the bar were deeper and more real than anything he'd ever experienced in a church.

Roy Temple

Roy Temple is a veteran political, public affairs and digital strategist from the great state of Missouri and a co-founder of GPS Impact.   Temple has also assisted with crisis communications, including for natural disasters, plane crashes, recount litigation and political “scandals.”  He has done research in effective communication strategy, and worships at Woods Chapel.    

Russell Ewell

Russell Ewell is a United Methodist Deacon at Pitts Chapel in Springfield Missouri and Co-Chair, UM Association of Ministers with Disabilities (  Russell contributed to the book, Untold Narratives: African Americans who received Special Education Services and Succeeded Beyond Expectations in which he wrote a chapter recounting his experiences as an African American with a disability attempting to matriculate through the public school system.

Trista Soendker Nicholson

Trista is an Elder in the Missouri Annual Conference currently serving at Red Bridge UMC in Kansas City.
She will be presenting on narrative styles of preaching and will help guide the conversation the two days of the event.  She will provide practical applications of what will be learned by each presenter to help you craft a sermon series.